Writings about various things... updated once in a while.

A Basic Usage of MinIO for Image Hosting

Created April 19, 2024

While working on a project for my senior capstone course my group needed some kind of object storage for our website to function. Our website was a social image-sharing platform similar to Flickr and users could upload images to share with other people. However, we didn't have anywhere to store them, and we didn't want to keep binary data in our database.

Recreating Quake / GoldSrc Movement in Godot 4.0

Created April 9, 2023

Really basic implementation of the movement system from old games like Half-life.

Website Redesign

Created September 10, 2022

Recently, I decided it was time for a redesign, and I'm excited to share the changes I've made.

Learning How to Shoot

Created July 2, 2022

My experience as a beginner with a camera.

Fun with low poly modeling

Created October 26, 2020

Some of my experience working with Blender.

Hello World

Created May 12, 2020

I make website.