Various projects which I've worked on over the years.

  1. 2024 Viewfinder

    A social image-sharing website created for my senior capstone course. Built with SvelteKit, MariaDB, and lucia.

  2. 2024 Plica Garden

    VERY simple web front-end for notes / images / other media. Made using Python Flask and vanilla JS.

  3. 2023 SlopCrew

    It's a Bomb Rush Cyberfunk multiplayer mod. Skate around with your friends. Originally created by notnite.

  4. 2023The Library of Babel

    A small puzzle game inspired by the short story by Jorge Luis Borges. Explore the halls of the Universe and solve puzzles that lead to ???

  5. 2023Lunar Lander

    A very simple game made in a few days where you have to land a space craft on the moon.

  6. 2023Creoterra

    Bring life to an empty planet. Very basic sandbox game which grows as you play it.

  7. 2023Boing!

    Jump on a trampoline for as long as you can.


    My own little page on Neocities!

  9. 2019 bent-bot

    A really terrible Discord bot written with Java which I made in high school.